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"First I began with dx-ing then I made a few of my own program tapes for my friends. Then I began to do some short dx-programs for my hometown local station. Later I did some programs for several local radio stations. And that's what I'm doing even today the programmes include Interviews and music. Maybe a twice a month and I have been studying information technology for about the same amount of time.

This is my first time on Short waves an MW. I Have three shows named Virrat Today, which is local current affair magazine. Second show is named: Good Morning Virrat. I play my vinyl archive records. They made some good records yesterday, you know! Then there is Warming Up the Sauna -entertaining music while stations sauna warming up.

Radio world is my deal and I like spinning records on the radio. "


Dj Esa is editor-in-chief and also try to make programs in our studio, and then he usually play Finnish rock music from the 70´s to these days.

"My responsibility areas in this project are all the technical issues. I was born in -71 and about half of my lifetime I have been working with electronics. Sometimes I also try to make programs in our studio, and then I usually play Finnish rock music from the 70´s to these days. Recently I was inspired by some of the progressive rock music, so nowadays one of my programs is "Progressive Rock and Other Strange Things…".

Tricky Trev is originally from Britain. He digs all music which gives good feelings. Mostly he likes music from 60's and 70's. In those years he was in Germany at no-mans-land driving a tank.

Tricky is very active on SWR. He is wery well adapted in here Finland: he likes sauna and likes to drink, also!


Dj Miki has been radio presenter for years, basically free-lancer base. His career started at Radio Polaris in year 1993.

Latest job with radio was Radio Plus in Jyväskylä where he was weekend shift and controlling studio end about sports events.

When dj Miki gets behind the mixer he plays mostly golden oldies. His hobby is extreme sport like skydiving. So hights are no strange option for him.

Radio Jack makes following programmes:  Continental Night Shift and Blues, roots/rock special. Ekorario! is investigative journalism. Reports in different situations and phenomenon's. A real redneck show!

Astrid is new member in our dj-staff.
I am just an ordinary person who has lots of interesting desire in life. I love cooking, photographying, doing puzzle, sport (water activities), furthermore my great desire in life is to travel and I am fond of travelling so much. I have been to 44 Countries so far and always longing to visit new countries to explore. Therefore, I would like to share my travel experiences, memories and advise to my travel programme at SWR. Not to forget in mentioning that I have a good taste of music, so guaranteed listeners worldwide will enjoy my show while listening to the songs I play on.


Dj Matti plays mainly heavy music sometimes with his friend Kimmo. Sometimes we can hear historic look at pirate era.


DJ Peeveli hosts his own show Levyraato, who speaks about record history blooms and love.

In july year 1977, day of Unikeko, at Seinäjoki borns in this world child boy look-a-like Kekkonen. At young age he was interest in radios, nevertheless to stick nails in his dads supergreat Sonab stereoequipment. One peak of his career of radio hobbyist was when at three he dismembled dads first transistor radio. At same time he started greate interested in engine gagdeds.

At seventeen he started to hobbyes like CB ja some kind of DXing. Ham operator licence he got in year 1998. In that year he did one show with YLE Radiomafia. Being with great speaker he was interested in SWR, also. His music taste is maby too wide, but he likes grazy music and old classics.


Heppu Hyypiö fell in love with African-American music in the 1970 ´s and he has been listening to it ever since. He plays mainly soul, funk, r ´n ´b and disco music in his programs. To maintain the diversity in SWR´s programs he plays also Finnish pop and house music in some programs. He likes to search for album tracks which would be as good as hit singles.


Stations janitor Pasi takes care of stations heating and SWR crew's catering. In the picture is Pasi and junior.


JarióJiri Band is responsible stations most variable music program "JarióJiri Band" in english.


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