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In here we present only a part of hundrets of letters and pictures. Sometimes we can answer some questions. We had allready received nearly 800 reception reports and letters from our listeners! And as You see, we are very appreciative if you send your pictures, also.

István Biliczky,

This report comes from Hungary, from István Biliczky who also have callsign HA5BI. He listened us at Panasonic DR-49 receiver. He listened us 2th July 2015. And here is picture of his listening shack.

Christoph Ratzer,

Cristoph wrote to us second time. (Thanks!) Now with e-mail report about our february 2013 broadcast: "Like some other 'DXers' I am very happy to receive SWR on 6170 here in Satzburg - Austria. I use my remote reception area and Winradio Excalibur SDR receiver with 250 mt longwire antenna to receive your signals here in Austria. I enclose a short mp3 clip with my reception. I could listen to your Night Train programme..."

Michael Haun,

Michael reported from our special broadcast SDXL-Summermeeting radio via SWR (Aug. 4th 2012) He listened us with PERSEUS Software defined receiver: "I had the great pleasure of listening to your station... I am 62 years old and listen to distant radio stations since 1968... My hobbies are listening to radio stations, Astronomy, Volleyball, collecting stamps and travellin."

Patrick E. Travers,

Patrick wrote to us after our first transmission at 14th Aug 2000.
"Great to hear your radio staion on your very first day of broadcasting. I first noted SWR on the 1st July 2000 20.30 hrs UTC, on shortwave frequency of 11720 kHz.. Quite a lot of QRM from 11715 kHz -blank carrier, with a very strong signal...Details: Caroline. I spy for the dti (brings back memories of listening to Laser 558!)..."
Note: SWR -QSL No 1!

Anker Petersen,

"I had great pleasure of hearing your broadcast on 14th January 2012...on 6170 and 11720 kHz... I am 70 years old and retired civil servant. I have been listening shortwave stations since 1957 and I am regulary listening to a lot of radiosations from all parts of the World... I am Chairman of the Danish Shortwave Club International which counts about 250 members in more than 30 countries... My DX-friends in Denmark (listening near Hilleröd in North Zealand and in Sabro west of Aarhus) also heard your broadcast on 25 meters. My DX-friend in Lugo, Spain, Manuel Méndez, heard your broadcast today on 11690 kHz... Best wishes to all of you."

Dimitri Mezin,

This next report comes way back year 2001. "Greetings to you all at Scandinavian Weekend Radio! This night I've done it-- picked up your signal on 11720 kHz. It's the first time I managed to hear your signal. -- So keep up the good work! And if you will be mentioning my message in your program, you may say hi to fellow Scandinavian/Baltic DXers who I'm in contact with..."

Martin Shöch,

Martin wrote to us Aug 3, 2006.
He wrote: "...Today I'm glad that I can report to you for the first time the reception of your station here in Eisenah. In the past I tried several times to hear your station, but never was successful. But since I have a daughter I have not much time left for radio listening anyway.. . That is also the cause why I sent this report so late..."

Rumen Pankov,

Rumen wrote to us Oct. 2006.
He wrote: "For the first time I heard Your Radio "SWR" on september and I would like to thank You for Your original & interesting broadcast. By the way several times details about Your airings were included in our DX programme which is weekly on shortwaves via Radio Bulgaria...."

Björn Bengts,

Brjörn kirjoitti meille lokakuussa 2006:
"...Olen 65 vuotias maanviljelijä ja elän vaimoni Riinan kanssa pienellä maatilalla. Olin kiinnostunut radiokuuntelusta jo vuodesta 1955. Sen jälkeen oli runsaasti välivuosia ja aloitin uudelleen harrastuksen pari vuotta sitten. Muita harrastuksiani ovat linnut, autot ja kukkien hoito..."

Rudolf Renkwitz,

Rudof wrote to our station at 6th Feb 2006: "I'm interested in all radio and tv stations (ham, bc, utility). From some radio stations i got QSL-cards on QSL-letters, pennants and other souvenirs for my collection..."

Nick Sharpe,

Nick wrote to us 3rd May 2003: "I was delighted to finally get some decent reception of Scandinavian Weekend Radio today and last night. I have been trying for the past few years to hear them but with all the big boys using their 500,000 watt tranmitters i didn't hold out much hope for your poor old 50 watt transmitter. I was so pleased to read on the short wave pirate e-mail group taht you had turned the direction of the antenna to face the United Kingdom. Then I was listening to an English voice on 11720 kHz an concluded it must have been the BBC World Service but they had over sun the programme shot. At that moment an announcement was made that you are listening to Scandinavian Weekend Radio. The look on my face was truly amazing..."

Hannu Romppainen,

Radioystävämme Hannu kirjoitti meille heinäkuussa 2001: "Suuret kiitokset ohjelmastanne lauantaina 7.7.2001! Tämä oli sitten jo kolmas kerta, kun innostuin lähettämään SWR:lle kuuluvuusraportin. Raportin lähettämiseen vaikutti totuuden nimessä uudet 49 mb:n taajuudet...Toivotaan, että teillä riittää virtaa siellä Virroilla toimittaa musiikkipitoista ja radioaiheista ohjelmaa koko Suomen iloksi. Onnea 1-vuotiaalle!!!"

Steffen Werner,

Werner wrote to us July 9th 2001:
"I'm 32 years old and live in NEUKIRCH/LAUSITZ, a willage in south east part fron Germany... With my new world receiver Yeasu FRG-100 and a new adjustly 50 metre longwire antenna I could listening now for the first also your programme on shortwave. It was only a faint signal, but with good modulation on this time..."

Hans Nilsson,

Hans wrote to us 6th April, 2002: "I have read your radio station a long time in the DX-magazines, but I always froget when is the first Saturday of the month. However today I remembered, so here follows my report of reception.... It was indeed very nice to hear you for the first time and the programme was also nice. Reception quality was perfect and you came in here like local stations. Also very good modulation..."

Göran Hardenmark,

Göran wrote to us : "...The 4th of November did I have big pleasure to hear your radio station...I'm 26 years old, working as a head waiter at big conference & spa hotel called Hotel Tylösand... My other interests are travelling and I collect beer. I'm a member of the Swedish Beer Association, which is trying to make the Swedish people drink better beer and the Swedish goverment to reduce tax on beer. I've tried over 950 different beers from 67 different countiers..."

Arie.van Dam,
De Bilt,
the Netherlands

Arie send report to us Aug 2000.

Aleksandr Sidorov,
Zaporoskje region,

Aleksandr did wrote to us several reports. This time he writes our January 2007 broadcast: "...I have been interested in remote radio stations for 11 years. I am 37 years old, and I am working a radio-engineer, here in Ukraine....I hope to hear you soon..."

Marco Bauer,

Marco wrote to us June 7th, 2007:
"...I'm 27 years old and a shotwave listener since 1990.... I have made a recording of the audio for you in MP3 format and burned it into a mini CD that you can find in this letter. My receiver is an old German military receiver from 1974, called "Telerton TE704 C", connected to a 50 m long wire antenna in my garden... I have discovered your website about SWR which is indeed very informative. You have my full admiration for running such a radio station..."

Kurt-Göran Lundkvist,

59 year old sivil servant K-G wrote report about our 7th of March 2015 broadcast. He sed: "It was very nice to listen your program. I very much liked your pick of music, very much my taste. Do you transmit some program in Swedish? I hope you can do that because my Finnish is very bad! I will try to listen next month when you are on air and I hope I have good reception conditions in the Eastern!"

Fritz-Walter Adam,

Friz-Walter was raported us well 2011 as 2012: "Last night was once again fortunate to receive report ready for a few minutes your station... Greeting from Saxonia-Anhalt."

Ullmar Qvik,

Ullmar Qvick wrote report from our January 2012 broadcast and sended personal presentation:
"During our Norrköpings Distanslyssnare meeting at our club house near Nörrköping on January 14, 2012... I could listen to your transmission on 6170 with fine reception, SINPO 45534... There was a cosy chat between a British DJ and a female speaker between the musical numbers. I liked the programme and enjoyed the music!... All Goow Wishes from Sweden! Kuulemiin ja hyvää jatkoa!"

Gianluigi Nadali,

Gianluigi wote to us July 9th, 2007:
"Undersigned had the great pleasure to listen to one of your broadcasts. Having a hobby to listen to radiostation from all around the world since 1978. For your information I can tell you that I am an Italian, and I work in an advertising dept. of newspaper. I am 43 years old, living in the second biggest city in Italy named Milan. I am using an Japanise reciever: JRC NRD-525 and a 20 m. wire antenna..." He have our QSLs nro 572 and 575.

Eckhard Röscher,

Eckhard wrote 2nd Sept 2000.
He wrote: "I think it is very good idea to create a new radio station on short wave. Therefore I wish you whole team a lot of success for your programmes... I would like to experience more about you and your station!"

Jyri Rauhala,

Jyri kirjoitti meille raporttinsa marraskuussa 2000. Tässä hänen kommenttejaan: "...Varsinaista sillisallaattia teidän ohjelmistonne...Ehdottomasti paras pätkä oli tuo Villen ja mikälie sen toisen tiskijukan nimi ollutkin show. Se oli tosi reipasta..."

Dan Olsson,

Dan wrote to us December 2000:
"...I'm 40 years old and my interests are sport, collect stamps and listen to music. I listened to different radiostation since october 1975... Today I have answer from 1876 different radiostations in 199 countieres..."

Isao Yamanaka,

Isao wrote to us Aug 6, 2006: "...I heard your station by using a remotely controlled receiver located Skurup, Sweden. This receiver can be contolled via internet. (www.dxtuners.com).."

Mikko, Eero ja Marko + HD-Timppa,

Rokuan poppoo kirjoitti meille runsaiden kuvien kera lokakuussa 2006:
"Terveisiä Rokuan mökkiläisiltä! SWR kuului harvinaisen hyvin tänä lokakuisena lauantaina 2006. SMS-raporttejakin tuli läheteltyä... Keli oli mukavan lämmin. Välillä käytiin jäähdyttelemässä järvenpohjassa. Vieraileva helvetin enkeli kiitteli Lynyrd Skynyrdistä vaikka Freebirdiä ei löytynytkään...."

Mike Casey,

Mike from Machester wrote to us with cassette tape August 2004: "I prepared for July with a compass to point antenna towards Virrat and with numbered cassettes ready to record all 24 hours without accidental deleting: but received nothing. This may have been due to my antenna being pointed in the wrong direction due to a mains wire being in the wall near where I used the compass. I corrected this for your August broadcast and managed a good start on 11690 kHz ar 21.00 with SINPO 13432 (on enclosed tape)...."

Jan-Mikael Nurmela,

Jan-Mikael lähetti raporttinsa 2.2.2002 lähetyksestä. Liitteenä oli myös kunnan väriesite. Tämän erittäin yksityiskohtaisen käsinkirjoitetun raportin mukana seuranneessa kirjeessä hän kirjoitti seuraavaa: "Hei! Nimen on Jan-Mikael Nurmela. Olen 12 vuotta ja SDXL:n nuorimpia jäseniä ellen nuorin. Harrastan DX-kuuntelua, postimerkkien ja kolikkojen keräilyä ja kielten opiskelua...Tämä on ensimmäinen kerta, kun kuuntelin asemaanne ja tuskin jää viimeiseksi... Kuuntelusta innostuin oma-aloitteisesti ja aloin kuuntelemaan kotiradiolla keskiaaltoja. Pian löysin tekstikanavalta tietoja tästä harrasteesta... Nykyinen vastaanottimeni on siis Sangean ATS-909, jonka hankin kolmisen kuukautta sitten..."
The perfect Reception Report ever to SWR! 10 points!

Chris Lobdell,
Stoneham, MA,

Chris was heard us 1 September 2001 and wrote to us:
"Reception here war very poor at best... I did hear a man in English announcing "Box 35" and saying "SWR On The Air Again". Most of the time all I got was a carrier with some audio at times... I'm 49 years old, married and a pirate DXer for 9 years...."

Christoph Ratzer,

Christopher was heard our transmission at 2. September 2000: "I was very pleased to hear last year the first time your transmission... I have been interest in remote radio stations for 20 yars. I am 37 years old and I am working as a DTP-operator here in Salzburg-Austria..."

Gothe Ringström,

Mr.Ringström wrote to us at May 4th 2002 broadcast: "I heard your station on the frequency of 5980 kHz. The signal strength here was Good. There was moderate inteference from other station, overall redability here in Sveden good. My receiver is a IC R-75 and R390A/URR. Antenn outdoor K9AY Loop an 90 meter outdoor... I wish your station the best of success. I hope to hear from you soon."

Peter Witten,

Peter worte to us: "...I had the pleasure of listening to your station on saturday the 4th of November 2006...Its was nice to hear SWR again. I have heard your station before, but sometimes it is a little bit difficult because of other station on the frequencies. I enjoyed your programme with a (british?) DJ playing nice oldies-music...I'm 44 years old an live in Aalborg in the nortern part of Danmark. I have been DXing since 1979..."

Rolands Strautmalis,
Cesu rajons,

Ronalds wrote to us some finnish words 12th Novenber 2006:
"Hyvää päivää!...Best regards from Latvia again after some time! I am sending to you information about receiving of your radio station on the medium wave frequency 1602 kHz on 4th Novembet here in Latvia, approximately 80 km from Latvian capital Riga...My QSL collection during more than 8 years at the present moment consists of confirmations from 377 radio stations from 79 countries..."

Mauriz Kohler,

Mauriz wrote to us 22.3.2007:
"...My name is Mauriz, age 42, SW-listener since 1982..." In this picture he is at football WM 2006 with Pele. Score: D-Sweden 2-0.

Andrea Lawendel,

Andy sent us e-mail, but also written letter and report at May 8th, 2007:
"...as follow up to the SMS I sent a few minutes ago, please find enclosed two MP3 clips of my reception on 11720 around 17.00 UTC of today, May 5th. SWR has been also heard yesterday night, May 4th, around 21.35 (the DJ was speaking a fluent, British accented English and he too has read on air the SMS I had sent)...This time I'm going to write down this reports on paper, so that I'll be able to tune into SWR, which can be considered as a fairly touch one at my lattitude. I've just posted an other story about SWR on my blog, stating how nice it would be if other clubs or assosciation should follow your model and set up a regular station for others, DXers and shortwave listeners, to tune...."