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We have received a lot of questions and here are the most common questions answered. If your question is not answered here, feel free to ask! SWR will answer here as soon as possible.

Q: I would like to hear also Swedish, Russian, etc. language programmes.

A: In SWR crew there is no one who could speak swedish fluently, so that's why we don't do swedish shows by ourselves. We do have some contributors, who does use some Swedish in their shows. If you would like to take a part of our action, send e-mail request for our editor-in-chief. V-V

Q: Can You tell some about SWR's history ?

A: Long story... idea of own independent sw-station comes far away, 10 years ago we didn't even know about each others ! Still some of us tried to run their own projects, some legal some not... Times has chanced since those days, so few years ago we had again one of those get-together radio-related weekenders and somebody just let the idea out of his mouth...! Off course that was just a start, many problems had to be solved and sw-station to build. While we have some extra time, we will release "how to start your own SW-station" / SWR-history. Dj RJ One of right answers is following… because I really love to build transmitters and broadcasting related equipments and its illegal without licenses etc. Few years ago I ask what is opinion of authorities if we collect team and build up independent shortwave radio station to Finland. When authorities shows green light, I start to ask my radio friends, who want to participate. And here we are... Esa

Q: Technical info ?

A: See our technical info page.

Q: Have you really been on 50 watts?

A: Not anymore, we have now 100 watts all three transmitters.... Our license already allows even higher transmitting power.

Q: How much would such a transmitter of around 30 to 50 watts cost?

A: A depends, if you make all by yourself and with high quality and new components, costs are around 500 $ - 1000$. New transmitter from big companies costs 1000$ - 5000$. Remember that testing and approving before using cost also something, this depends what is practice in your country. Esa

Q: What future plans do you have?

A: Lots of them.. New transmitters, bigger power, antennas, co-operation with radio-relative students and schools, summer-happenings, new crazy project-ideas are welcome also we need crazy peoples to do them! We all have daily job to do... Dj RJ

Q: Could you send me information about your station and future programs on SW

A: You can find our program schedules only from SWR website. Sometimes schedule is empty even is broadcasting weekend, but usually this means that we are too busy to update schedules. Station info/news sheet is available and usually we post it with our QSL -card. Esa

Q: It would be nice if we worked together considering I could buy a shortwave transmitter from you and would have it running in Finland. Can you run two transmitters? Or is it possible to obtain a license for a German citizen in Finland? Or if this is all not possible can you run another transmitter or relay XXXX? Please, let me know very soon whether this is possible. Shortwave activity is a very nice idea for XXXX as well but you know in Germany it is not easy. Can you help? Maybe XXXX could be relayed, maybe you could run another transmitter, this transmitter only on a Saturday morning from lets say 0800 to 1000 UTC, What you think?

A: Well, so far we have been relaying German alternative station Radio Marabu 1-2 hours per transmission. If you're interested for relay-service, please contact us by e-mail or call +358 400 995 559 during transmission-weekend. Starting transmissions in a new frequency with new transmitter takes lots of paperwork and time with radio-authorities. Also transmitters had to be tested and approved by THK. Station licenses had to ask from ministry of traffic. I think they cannot give them to foreign citizens... In your case, the relay-service would be easy and cheap way to reach listeners in Germany and rest Europe. Dj RJ

Q: I write a monthly column on international radio for the XXXXXXXXXXXX newspaper. I would like to do a story about your station but i need more information + a color photo (antenna?). These are some of the questions i need an answer to. Who are people behind the station? What is exact purpose of SWR? Exactly what does your broadcasting permit cover? What sort of programmes will you offer your listeners? Will there be programmes in Swedish? How is SWR financed? Will you answer mail from listeners?

A: There are lots of pictures you can use in our web pages, but you are welcome to visit SWR's studios for interviews and photos. Many answers you find at www.swradio.net or by calling to us during transmission: +358400995559. Next summer there will be "Open doors" weekend, so everyone can come and see what is what or who is who.. We try to arrange it same weekend as Finnish DX-summit. You're welcome ! Dj RJ

Q: Do you really have only 250 watts?

A: No, we have 100 watts.

Q: Could you broadcast more often in future?

A: No, this is our hobby and this already takes enough time. So, we will broadcast every month first Saturday also in the future. (+Some special holidays) Esa

Q: Which status has your station? Private, commercial, hobby or any other?

A: Ooo.. Independent Private Hobby-station, But also some commercials have been sold ! Dj RJ

Q: Why haven't you answered any of your emails over the months?

A: This is our hobby and sometimes daily work takes all free time. For this reason usually takes long time before we find time to answer e-mails. Esa

Q: Will you transmit via satellite?

A: Right away when we build up our own shortwave satellite.... Maybe our AREA25 team can arrange transportation for our satellite with UFO.

Q: Is reception of SWR possible in the USA?

A: Yes, we are already received some reception reports from USA (New York and Chicago).

Q: Are Your programmes for the whole Europe?

A: Yes, we try to serve listeners in so many language as we can, but mostly in English and Finnish. Some of our programmes are radio-orientated with music and humor.

Q: For which people you transmitting mainly?

A: Who ever is listening... :-) DX'ers mostly.

Q: I have heard an announcement in Russian language. Do you transmitting special for Russia?

A: Not especially for, but there's also big number of shortwave-listeners. So we're looking for someone able to do programs is Russian language, if you're interested please contact. DjRj

Q: I like to ask you if you can verify my report by the QSL-card of SWR, please ?

A: QSL is yours when you send report with correct details +2 stamped IRC-coupons or 2 USD or 2 EUR.

Q: Do you have phone in studio use during your transmissions?

A: Yes, sometimes. Usually phone is in the pocket of our technician, but however listeners can call to us during the transmission. Phone number is +358 400 995 559

Q: If possible send a photo of your studio and/of antenna?

A: We're working for color info-poster to send for those who are not able to visit our web pages.

Q: Where I can buy your stickers and T-shirts? price ?

A: Yes, we give stickers with QSL's. But You can visit our SWR-Shop pages here>>>

Q: From where countries you are received reception reports?

A: USA, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland

Q: Has a reception report ever been confirmed from the USA?

A: Yes, few from our NA-test transmissions. From Chicago and New York.

Q: Will reception in the USA be possible in the future?

A: Reception will be better ! I'm working on new beam for 25mb, Also technician told that the new TX for 25 is soon ready. Dj RJ

Q: Can you test different kind antennas, if then reception would be better also in Finland ?

A: Yes, of course we can and we will test different kind antennas. Only limitation is to find free time to do antennas. The main problem is that 25mb is not the best band to cover 500km neighborhood...Technical crew is working on to cover that area...

Q: What kind of aerial do you use?

A: Normal half wave dipole at the height of 20 meters

Q: What kind transmitter do you have?

A: Our 25 mb transmitter is the model "Homemade", type number is ESA TX25MB and serial number is 0001. More information you can find from our wonderful technical info pages.